Clear of Distractions

I am not a messy desk person. Too many stacks of papers scattered about make me anxious and flustered. Even on the worst of days, I will always straighten my desk, put things back into the correct files, and return my pens and pencils to their proper cups before I call it a day.

I am also easily distracted by things that need to be cleaned or tidied. Instead of paying attention to an engaging speaker at a seminar, I will become obsessed with the crystals in the hotel ballroom chandelier that have not been cleaned in ages. Final exam to study for? Not with those dirty baseboards! My apartment was always pristine by the end of exam week. My dear husband has learned to tolerate my doggedness to make up the bed each day in just the particular way I like it.

After coming back to work after time away from the office – some planned time, other time not so much – it was hard to get back in the groove. With the sun coming in at a different angle as fall approached, previously unnoticed fingerprint marks were glaring at me; they were all I could see. And when was the last time I wiped down my phone? Or my keyboard? I was certain the built up goo was all my clients were focusing on when they visited my office.

Today, I took charge of my distractions. After taking care of all that needed to be done today, I gave my office a deep cleaning. It only took an hour, but as I cleaned my office, I cleared my mind. With newfound focus, I moved on to planning my attack for the week to come. I am looking ahead to next week with a clean workspace and a renewed energy.

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