Need versus Want

One of my nieces really, really wanted a certain toy. Her parents tried to impart a lesson to her by reminding her of all the toys she had at home. They told her, “Honey, you don’t need another toy.” Proving my mother’s observation that there are no stupid children in her family, my niece leaned forward to her parents, and with all the seriousness a pre-schooler could muster replied, “I know that. But I want it.”

An observer to this event, I burst out laughing proving another strong family trait: we’re all smart-asses. I think I may have also gotten her said toy for Christmas. I take my role as Cool Aunt very seriously.

“I don’t need it but I want it,” has been a firm part of our family lore for decades. I’ve even successfully used this story in oral argument to illustrate a point to the court. More importantly, I use it to justify my impulse purchases.

I didn’t need these but I wanted them.

More about my flamingo obsession some other time.

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